Just so we are clear, this package was not sent to us here at the Wolf and thank god because being honest I'm not sure what we would have done.

According to Boston 25, a local radio station received a large package a few weeks ago and it sat unopened for a while and once it was finally opened, staff was in shock to see what was inside.

Once opened, staff found what is believed to be 20 bags of marijuana. As soon as they realized what they had in front of them they did contact police right away.

One station employee told Boston 25 that, "There's a lot of theories about what it's doing here. One is that it was a mistake. The other is that whoever was sending it would just drop it off outside and the person was picking it up was just gonna drive by and grab it, but we picked it up instead."

Boston Police did not say who opened the package but that the contents of the package were sent to a lab for analysis.

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