A lot has changed in the Hudson Valley in the last 106 years, but at least one thing has remained constant. Poughkeepsies James L. Taylor Manufacturing Co. has been in business the whole time.

Forbes shines a light on the Poughkeepsie-based company in their upcoming May 16 issue where they discuss their clamp and woodworking business. According to their website, their products are divided in to three brands, Taylor Products, JLT Products and Cameron Products.

With sales of $12 million annually, they're not going anywhere. They say they're able to compete because its a specialized market. Owners Michael Burdis and Brad Quick acknowledge they'd save money moving south but both like living in New York. In 2014 they relocated from Parker Avenue in Poughkeepsie to a Salt Point Turnpike address.

The Forbes article will also highlight Poughkeepsie's manufacturing past, including the Fiat and Smith Brothers factories. At one point Smith Brothers were cranking out 30 tons of cough drops each and every day.

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