A 104-year-old Husdon Valley woman got to live out her dream of riding in a helicopter.

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Agnes Van Put of Sullivan County wanted the check off riding a helicopter off her bucket list for her 104th birthday. She told her birthday wish to her friend, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, who with the help of a local pilot made Van Put's dream come true this weekend.

"Agnes Van Put is a wonderful person and is always doing so much to help the community. When she told me on her 104th birthday that a helicopter ride was on her bucket list I knew I had to make it happen. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Michael Croissant and Swinging Bridge Marina we were able to make Agnes’ wish come true," Aileen Gunther wrote on Facebook. "It has been a hard year for all of us but seeing Agnes happy today shows that we can always work together. I would just like to again thank Mr. Croissant and Mr. Holland for a fantastic ride, and even greater generosity!"

Below is a video of Van Put as she anxiously sits in the helicopter just moments before taking off on her first helicopter ride

Gunther also shared photos of Van Put before and during the helicopter ride, those photos are below.

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