I am a quilter...there I said it. I don't have blue hair(at least not as of this writing), I don't sit in a rocking chair while I quilt, and I don't use flowery bits of fabric. I quilt and sew using mostly old blue jeans, I don't hand quilt(that's why God invented the sewing machine, and I will weave, dye, paint, or use any other mark making method to create unique and original fabrics for my pieces. I knit with wire and I frequently go to the hardware store for embellishments. I am not a purist, to say the least..I am what others have described as a mixed media fiber artist. My father just says that maybe I don't really understand what quilting means (I think he's kidding, at least I hope)

I subscribe to several quilting channels on Youtube, my favorite being the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny has a great way of showing how to make a project in far less time than traditional methods and you feel as if you can actually accomplish the project. So, imagine my surprise this past weekend, that I saw her and her company featured on the NBC Nightly News.

I loved the fact that not only has she helped so many folks create baby quilts, bed quilts, and wall hangings, but she's also helping her town..putting folks to work so they can pay their bills. It felt as if I was watching a good friend on national television. That's what I think is so great about quilting, whether you're a purist or a little crazy like me, we are all family, you feel it every time you walk into your local quilt shop, go to a quilt show, or even visit a shop's website. So maybe you'll think about joining me and thousands of others like me in the art of quilting. I promise I won't take you to the hardware store for quilting supplies, at least not quite yet!