You can now sleep at Taco Bell, I just wouldn't recommend it unless it's the one in Palm Springs, CA.

Taco Bell has announced that it will open a Taco Bell Themed Resort & Hotel this summer.  Reservations will be accepted beginning in June and the Grand Opening is scheduled to be in August.

Guest rooms, cocktails at the pool and even breakfast will be Taco Bell themed.

Would you vacation there?  Would you Honeymoon here?  I would have to say no but it's not because of the idea, it's because I already spend enough time in the bathroom after a Taco Bell run, I don't want to spend my vacation doing the same thing.

There is no price listed on the rooms but I'm really wondering if they have them priced like their tacos.  Extra for sour cream, extra for a queen bed, extra sauce available upon request and extra towels available upon request too.

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