A city in the Hudson Valley region has a long and stressful commute. It is actually one of the worst commutes in America.

How long is your commute? The amount it takes for me to get to work is roughly 30 minutes. That puts me in a car for about an hour a day.

According to Zippia, the average New Yorker has a 34 minute commute. Does that sound right to you? I'm happy with my commute time. My cut off would be 45 minutes and even then I'd be annoyed every single day. There are two cities in New York that have absolutely horrendous commute times.

Recently LLC.org shared a list of the most stressful cities in American to work in.

You would think New York City would make that list but is surprisingly did not. It may be stressful place to work in but it didn't make the top 30. Despite not having any stressful cities to work in New York State did have a couple of cities make a different list.

2 cites in New York have some of the longest commutes times.

People who work in New York City have the longest commute time in the country coming in at about an hour and a half. Could you imagine spending about 3 hours a day travelling to and from work? The city in New York that had the second worst average commute time for workers was Yonkers, New York.

According to the numbers, people who work in Yonkers spend about an hour and five minutes on their commute.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Why do you think that is? Is the distance or do you think it's traffic. Travelling to Yonkers from the Taconic could be an absolute nightmare.

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