I know I know, this looks pretty gross.

A few years ago I started to really struggle with my skin. It was like I woke up and and all of a sudden out of nowhere I started getting TONS of pimples.

I tried every over-the-counter product possible and nothing worked.

This lead me to having to do two rounds of the high-powered skin medicine Accutane.

Once I completed this my skin was much better however, it's still a struggle and now that I've tried everything I don't have a ton of options to pick from.

I started to look up some face masks that you can make a home to help and this one came up on my radar.


According to Metiza Online mix together:

3 tablespoons of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of honey

Smooth together until it forms into a paste.

This was how I spent my night yesterday lol

A few weeks ago I put up a story on The Wolf instagram asking if anyone had other tips. You were all so helpful and I also bought what you suggested, thank you for the advice!

I'm going to try them all out and I'll keep you posted.

Fingers crossed for clear skin.




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