Talk about an uncomfortable situation.

Every Wednesday on the Wakin Up with CJ and Jess Show we take part of the show to get therapeutic by dimming the lights, lighting a candle and sharing any issue with you that another Wolf listener is dealing with. We call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" and we need your help with it.

The email we read today came from a soon to be bride who is now in a pretty uncomfortable spot. She wrote us,

"Hey guys, so I’m getting married this summer and I had my bridal shower a few weeks ago and when I was planning out my invite list, my fiance jumped in and said that he wanted to make a good impression at work, so he asked me to invite his bosses wife. Honestly, I wasn't really comfortable with it because I don't know her, but I did invite her anyway. She wound up coming, and gave a really generous gift…. but here's the problem. The check she gave me bounced. I tried to cash it twice at the bank and both times it bounced. I feel my fiance should say something to his boss but he says there's no way he's doing that and we should let it go. I don't care who it is, they gave us a gift, we should get it, no? Not to mention, I didn't even want this lady there. Do you see a big deal in telling his boss the check bounced?"

Jess said the best advice she has is that she should just write out the thank you card and send it like nothing happened and maybe down the road the boss will say something to them.

If the fiance isn't happy at his job and is looking for a legendary way to get fired, I think he should take the bounced check to work and hang it up in the coffee break room with a sign that says "don't take checks from this guy" with a picture of the boss. LOL!

How about you? If this happened to you, how would you handle it? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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