I have no clue!

I learned a longtime ago that if I don't delete things off of my iPhone every once and a while, I fall into that, "You Are Almost Out Of Storage" club that nobody wants to be a part of.

So as a rule at the end of every month I grab my phone, open up the photos app and start to delete pictures that I have no use for.

Side note, I take pictures of absolutely everything! I take screenshots of screenshots and as you'll see below I take pictures of the most random things.

The worst part of snapping pictures of everything I see, is that when I do my monthly purge of pics, I have no idea WHY I took some of them.

If you haven't done the picture purge in a while, after you take a look at the four pictures that I have no clue why I took, open your phone and try to remember why you took the ones you have. Fun game...NOT!

Four Most Random Pictures on My Phone

Smalls' Photo Shoot Number Two