You may have noticed a trend over the past few years that has caught on around this time of year. It has become so popular Disney (Coco) and 20th Century Fox (The Book of Life)made a movie, Clothing and style designers are creating fabrics, Tattoo artists a brushing up on their skull art talents and it is all because people are drawn into to the symbols of the Day of The Dead.

You may have noticed the beautiful colors first and then thought why is that skelton painted so brightly. These colorful symbols have been part of a tradition that is observed in many countries for centuries. Originally this celebration was held in the summer but slowly it became part of Halloween.

It is hard to resist the brilliant colors and beautiful symbolism of these painted skulls. I can remember going to New Orleans in 1991 and seeing a whole store on Bourbon Street dedicated to Day of the Dead Art and it's tradition. I had never seen anything thing like it. I couldn't take my eye off the creative ways that artist had brought to life simple skeleton figures.

But as amazing as the art and its popularity has become it is important to remember that this tradition means a lot to a large group of people. It isn't just about pretty decorations and painting skeletons. It is about a multi-day celebration (October 31 thru November 2, 2018) where families gather to honor the relatives that have past before them and help them with their journey in the after life.


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