With Labor Day Weekend fast approaching, we reluctantly say goodbye to the Summer of 2018 and hello to school, football, and falling leaves. But, before you pack up the sunscreen and your beach towels for the season, let's take a look back at this summer, specifically the music.

At the start of every summer, critics and fans alike debate as to which newly released song from their favorite artist will become the song of the summer. I've never understood doing this at the beginning, why not wait until we've heard all the songs the summer has to offer. Which means now's the time to vote.

Here are the Top 5 songs of the summer, according to our very scientific poll, us talking about this over lunch. Take a listen and then at the bottom of this article place your vote for your favorite song. Which song will be named the Wolf Country Song of the Summer for 2018?

"Meant To Be" Florida Georgia Line with Bebe Rexha. This song stayed #1 for 39 weeks.


While this next song has a slower vibe to it, it spent most of the summer at the top of the charts. "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset", Luke Bryan.


It had been a little while since Kenny had a song that hit as high as this one did this summer. "Get Along"


This song had the summer song vote as soon as it was released, did it live up to the hype? "Up Down" Morgan Wallen.


Jake Owen scored his seventh #1 with this one. "I was Jack (You Were Diane).

Time to vote! Which songs is your favorite song of the summer?

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