The popular show Modern Family ended last week and it started quite the debate.

If you think back to some of our favorite shows anytime then end some of feel like they had so much more to do, right? Is there a show that you wish never left TV? I struggled with only naming one like a lot of folks that called the show so I will call it a tie for me.

First I wish that the HBO show The Sopranos never left us, I mean if you watched the entire series and couldn't wait for the finale like me, you had to have been disappointed, right? What happened...did Tony get whacked, what happened to AJ? So many questions that went unanswered and faded to black and I, like everyone else thought that when the show ended that my cable went out! LOL.

Second I wish that Sons of Anarchy never ended. Now I understand that the way the show ended it would be almost impossible to make it continue but when it ended I wanted more....LOL.

Jess said she wished the show Castle never ended and if she had her way she would have them redo the final season because she hated they way it came out. How about you guys? What TV show do yu wish never ended? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

Some of the texts and calls included some great shows including,

Nip Tuck
Breaking Bad
Dark Angel
Saved By the Bell
X files
Quantum Leap
Criminal Minds

Get your show on the list now by texting us through the Wolf app.

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