One man's junk, well you know the saying. Can you imagine owning an amazing piece of Hollywood history. There was actually a time when people didn't think movie memorabilia was worth anything, they actually threw it out. I spend a lot of free time combing yard sales and sitting at auctions. If I thought I could get my hands on Dorthy's Ruby Slippers I would do what ever it took and I am not the only one.

CBS Sunday Morning in honor of the Oscars had a story this past Sunday on what has happen to some of Movies most cherished props. Believe it or not some are gone for good. Lost, misplaced even thrown out. One man's costume is another man's obsession. James Bond's Car, The Wicked Witch's Hat, Harry Potter's Wand, well you get the gist. So what would you give anything to buy that you saw in a movie?

Check out the CBS story is below. The part that amazes me is that back in the day they gave this stuff away or worse threw it out. It never occurred to the studios that people would want to own something from their favorite movie. Not today, today they know that the props can make as much as the movie if it has the right following.

Paty Quyn's top 5 movie props wish list

5 - James Bond's Martini Glass

4 - Maleficent's Dress

3 - Eleanor - the 1967 Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds

2 - The Wicked Witches Broom from Wizard of OZ

1 - Dorthy's Ruby Slippers

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