This year we got a new artifical Christmas tree, and it's pretty high tech, but now there's a decision to make about the color of the lights.

First off, let me explain since every year I'm in charge of getting the tree down from the attic, setting it up, and putting the lights on. After that, my job is done, and the rest of the family is in charge of the ornaments.

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Well years ago, I got the idea to get a tree with the pre-lit lights already on it, which did cut out one of the "12 pains of Christmas", stringing up the lights.

So this year I did what I do best and got the tree down, set it up, plugged it in, and only one of the pre-lit sets was working. Plus after about 10 years, the tree looked a little weather beaten. Yes, it was time for a new tree.

So my daughter and I went out tree shopping and found one with not just the white lights, but LED's that you can switch to color, fade in and out, or switch from white to color. The choices were endless.

Well now here's the issue. The tree is set up and looks great, but what color should I keep the lights? I prefer the color since the last few trees we've had only had the white lights, while other members of my family like the traditional white lights. Since the tree even came with a remote, switching the lights is very simple and easy.

So my wife, the Queen of Facebook, posted this to see what some of our local friends suggested, and to kind of get an idea of what people did with their tree's.

I gotta share something so cool. I’ve never had a live tree. I prefer my blue spruce to be outside as I love my gardens. Our old artificial tree couldn’t keep the lights lit and it was getting pretty tired looking , so we got a new tree this year. It can go all color lights, or all white. Which is a debate in our house. Now we have the best of both worlds, as long as we don’t lose the remote. Which do u prefer, just curious ???

So here are some of the responses she got.

  • All white, hands down.
  • All white. Looks pretty
  • Color lights  but the white is pretty too !!
  • Grew up with colored lights and did for my kids growing up but now I love the white ones!
  • White lights! And my kids will turn them to color.
  • Hide the remote in a box under the tree or make a sleeve to hang it on the back of the tree as an ornament. Then change it up depending on your mood
  • Our new tree does both so I just alternate each night.
  • I think both look beautiful
  • I grew up with colored lights. Now that I am older, I love the white. Both a pretty.
  • Colored! Where did you get this tree we need to replace ours soon it’s pretty old!
  • Growing up on colored it’s a hard choice. Both look great. I do white now inside and old fashion big colored bulbs on my real (lives there) outside Christmas tree
  • Great to have a choice depending on your mood. I like both looks!
  • White during the week. Colors on weekends when you want something more festive.

Now you've seen the photos (above), so what do you think? I'd love to get your feedback. Just remember one thing, having them flash is not an option for me, or having then change back and forth is also not on the table.  Leave your comments below, or on the station's Facebook page and help me have the best Christmas ever with our new pre-lit tree.

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