The answers may surprise you.

You don't need me to tell you that inflation stinks! I mean what a dollar was worth last year compared to today just sucks, so what we are about to do may make you a little angry. LOL.

The people over at Business Insider did a really cool comparison with $10, they calculated what $10 was worth the year you were born, and what you could actually buy with it today. They used the CPI inflation calculator to find the value of a $10 bill every year in January, from 1965 and 2010, in 2018 dollars.

So if you were born before 1965, you can't do the comparison, but if you were all you need to do it is the year you were born.

I was born in 1971 and they say that the value of a $10 bill in 1971 was $63.35 and in 2018 I could buy a one way plane ticket to Florida. They say if I buy a plane ticket from New York City to Miami, one month in advance it'll cost me $63 on Spirit airlines and in 1971 a passenger could afford a one way seat to Miami for $10.

Jess was born in 1989 and they say that value of a $10 bill in 1989 was $20.82 and in 2018 she could buy 30 rolls of toilet paper. The cost of 30 rolls of Scott 1000 toilet paper costs $19.98 at your local Walmart.

Get the results for your year here.

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