Oh my god they are soooo good!

If you missed it earlier in the week, Jess and I got a special delivery from one of our listeners to the show and we had to share it with you, kinda.

On Friday's we do something called "Feel Good Friday", were we ask you guys to call the show to tell us what is making you feel good on a Friday and every Friday we get so many calls about so many great things that you all have going on.

Last Friday we got a call from Sara, from New Paltz who called to let us know that starting a new baking company was making her feel good and of course we needed to get more info on her company.

She let us know that her company is called Flour and Lead Bakery and yes the name is a play on the Miranda Lambert song "Gunpowder and Lead" and if you listen to the show, whenever we can try and score some free bakery products we always ask. We asked and Sara delivered....

OMG! The cookies were so good and we have to thank Sara for coming in. If you are interested in ordering any holiday goodies, you can get in touch with Sara on her website.

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