Police are asking residents to make sure their car doors are locked and not leave anything valuable inside their vehicles.

Everyone is very busy and always running around, so it's easy to forget to lock your car or leave something inside it. For some reason, car break-ins always seem to increase during the summer. Maybe people leave their car windows open more? Maybe they are in and out of their car more and forget to lock it? A local police department in the Hudson Valley is warning residents that there has been an increase in vehicle theft in one area.


Where has there been an increase in vehicle break-ins?

According to the Monroe Police Department, they have been receiving multiple reports of vehicle larcenies throughout the Village of Monroe. Police say the thefts have mostly occurred during the night, ugh.

Quick steps to prevent theft:

Police are reminding residents to make sure they don't leave their keys in their vehicles, remove anything that can be considered valuable, and triple-check that their vehicle is locked. These simple steps can help prevent the theft from happening to you or someone you care about. Police are asking everyone to be on the lookout.

How do you report a theft?

It's simple. If you see something suspicious call the Monroe Police Department at 845-782-8644 and report it.

Thank you to the Monroe Police Department for their handwork and for keeping everyone safe.

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