As of Wednesday evening Police say an armed and potentially dangerous man from North Westchester County is still on the loose. George J. Foster Jr's last known address is from South Carolina but he has strong ties to the Beacon and Cortlandt area.

New York State Police are actively searching for the 33-year-old and a potential accomplice. It's believed that Foster could be hiding anywhere in the Hudson Valley. It's also possible he has already left New York State.

Foster is currently wanted for menacing with a firearm and has outstanding warrants for his arrest in New York and South Carolina. He was last seen on  Locust Avenue in the Town of Cortlandt around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday December 22.

New York State Police

Police describe Foster as a white male around 5’6, and weighing near 200 pounds. No other details on Foster has been provided.

Police presume Foster is being accompanied by 33-year-old Renee Jones. Jones is also wanted by NY State Police for an unrelated issue.

New York State Police

I spoke with a an official from the New York State Police at Cortlandt who said they strongly believe Foster is armed and they consider him very dangerous to anyone who comes in contact with him.

Police urge all Hudson Valley residents to call 911 if you see Foster. They also ask that you do not take any action on your own.

Anyone who has information regarding his whereabouts is asked to contact the State Police by calling (914) 788-8042.

Any person with non-emergent information is requested to contact Sean J. Morgan at (914) 737-7171.