Just when you thought that you might even consider getting on a train and heading into the city,(just to be clear, the city that I am referring to is New York City) you find out that they are finally going to start some much needed repairs and additions to the parking lots at the train station.

Why couldn't they do this like they did Route 9W? Do it during COVID when everyone was either out of work or working from home?

The Metro North train station that will be impacted this time around is the one located on the Hudson train line, Beacon (or as the cool conductors say "Beacon Bacon next stop, Beacon Bacon).

When will this new work (and short term inconvenience) start? According to the Metro North website, mta.info, it will begin on Monday July 26, 2021.

Here is a breakdown of the tentative construction timeline:

  • "During Phase 1, starting on July 26, the north section of the lot will be closed. Customers can still access the south section of the lot during this time.
  • During Phase 2, starting in late September, both the north and south sections will be closed.
  • The east parking lot will remain open."

What exactly will be taking place? The reason listed is 'upgrades.' Granted it will be awesome when it is completed, but you will want to allow yourself some extra time to get to the Beacon station, and allow for hunting for a parking space.

Reminder that you still need to wear a mask or a face covering when you are on board the train, you do not need to wear it while outside of the train on the platform.

Have you been on the train since the beginning of the pandemic? Have you been into New York City? Did you go for business or fun?

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