I'll gladly take a hike if there are drinks and music waiting for me at the end. Check out this beautiful spot to grab a drink tucked away in the Catskills.

I recently came across a bar on Instagram that was rumored to be accessible only by hiking trail. I had to check it out. Is it true? Kind of...

Hiking in the Hudson Valley region of New York is becoming more and more popular among both fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. Another popular activity among New Yorkers is getting with friends after a long day and grabbing some food and drinks.

Did you know there's a place in the Catskills where you can get some drinks in the woods? Apparently there's a restaurant in here in Mountain Dale, New York where you can grab drinks and watch some live music after a small walk to the woods.

The restaurant is called High Voltage Catskills and it has nearly a 5 star rating from Google from almost 130 reviews online. High Voltage Catskills has a location in plain sight right on main street that's easy to find. However, it has another feature that is drumming up a lot of interest.

The restaurant has a hidden outdoor bar and kitchen in the woods behind it. According to owners, it is a hike but just about a 300ft walk. If you make the short trip outside you'll find this awesome spot waiting for you.  

Have you been to this place before? Something tells me this gem is worth checking out this summer.

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