Here is a list of the top 5 Halloween costumes to look for while you are out at your favorite Halloween party in the Hudson Valley this year. According to Google's Frightgeist site, which monitors most searched Halloween costumes across the nation, these are the top 5 across the board.

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#5 Cruella De Vil:

The glamourous London heiress and fashion designer in the Disney classic 101 Dalmations have always been popular, but now the character played by Emma Stone in the 2021 adaptation Cruella has taken the look to another level and has made for a very popular costume idea this Halloween season.

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#4 Spider Man:

Spider-Man has been one of Marvel's most popular characters since the 1960s and popular with superhero cinema for some time now. And with a new Spider-Man movie Spider-Man: No Way Home arriving in theaters Dec. 17, what better way to celebrate than by dressing up as Spidey on Halloween this year.

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#3 Dinosaur:

This one I honestly don't get. I have no clue why a dinosaur is that popular, ranking at number 3 for top Halloween costumes, but apparently, it is. I'm curious to see just how many people are out-dressed as dinosaurs this year.

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#2 Rabbit:

Sexy bunny costumes have been all the rage for as long back as I can remember at Halloween parties. Be on the lookout for many more this year.

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#1 Witch:

Another popular mainstay during the Halloween season, the witch takes the number 1 spot as the most popular costume of the year, probably since Halloween first started. Look for different variations of the old-school evil witch and sexy witch costumes out in full force this Halloween.

Honorable mentions: Just missing the top 5, you'll see plenty of fairies, Harley Quinns's, cowboys, clowns, and dudes dressed like the Chucky doll this year. I guess Axl Rose and Poison's Bret Michael's are no longer popular costumes? Oh well...sigh

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