This holiday season like many others saw a lot of people popping the question and a lot of people said, "Yes". It also saw a lot of babies being born including 3 sets of twins that had the honor of being born in different years due to their New Years Eve / New Years Day birth. Luckly none of them were given names that are on the illegal list of baby names.

After hearing about the twins born in Arizona on New Year's that end up born in different years I started thinking about how people name babies. We are always talking about the most popular names. And of course we are always intrigued by how celebrates name their children, but I had no idea there are actually names that are illegal in some countries. What really amazed me once I started digging into the illegal names is that some seem pretty harmless and other just aren't names at all they are just actually symbols. (Thank you Prince or whatever the symbol was you changed your name to in 1993.)

Most Amazing Top Ten does a good job explaining why some names make the list. Some of these I understand. Some, quite frankly, why would you name your kid that to begin with? And some just aren't so bad.

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