Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has released the list of the Top 10 Consumer Complaints of 2015 for New York State. 

Internet-based complaints led the list for the tenth year in a row, with 5,300 complaint in 2015. Automobile sales, services, and financing was second with 3,567 complaints. Third was Consumer-related services, including restaurant, tech repairs, and dry cleaners with 2,277.

Full list of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's Top 10 Consumer Complaints of 2015

Twitter / Eric Schneiderman

Attorney General Schneiderman said:

There are always fraudsters looking to take advantage of vulnerable and unsuspecting New Yorkers. It is critical that instances of fraud are reported to my office so we can stop scam artists in their tracks, hold wrongdoers accountable and protect consumers.

To file complaint, you can fill out the Consumer Frauds Bureau Online Complaint Form, or call 1-800-771-7755.

In a press release, Schneiderman also provided a full list of tips, for consumers to use to protect themselves and their families.