Christmas has many traditions attached to it celebration. It feels like I discover a new story about Christmas every year. I am drawn in by many of the old legends that come from Europe. It wasn't until this year that I had heard the story of the Christmas Spider.

As a child I grew up with the typical American Christmas traditions, tree, church, presents and family dinner. My parents were both third generation Americans so none of my grand parents told stories from their European heritage. That could be why I have never heard this tale or ever knew about the tinsel tradition. It could also be because everyone in my family has a fear of spiders. Whatever the reason I am having such fun learning about old traditions as I get older and this one is no exception.

We were "tinsel on the tree" people while I was growing up. Every year it caused such a debate around the tree. My Dad loved tinsel and it always had to be the kind you threw at the tree and hoped that it landed nicely. (I have since learned that you don't throw it, you place it, not time consuming at all). Mom on the other hand preferred the tinsel on the rope that wouldn't land all over the place and could be wrapped around the tree as neatly as the lights. So you would think with all this tinsel talk I would have heard this story.

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