Who do you think did what this weekend?

Every Monday Jess and I kick off the work week with a look back at the past weekend with "Three Things" from the weekend. Every Monday we bring in a list of some of the things we did over the weekend. We narrow our lists down to 3 things each, we then read them to you on the air and take a few callers to try and figure out who did what.

If you missed our "things" from this past weekend, here they are:

Person one

1. Worked a rotary club event.
2. Embarrassed myself at the bar.
3. Had a few mimosa's.

Person two.

1. Saw a really cool wedding cake.
2. Played WWE wrestling.
3. Didn't see Jerry Seinfeld at Resorts.

Who do you think did what? Find out.....

Thank you for watching and make sure you wake up with me and Jess all week long for your chance to go to the drive in out in Middletown on us, plus we will thrown in a $20 credit for concessions. Good luck and have a great week!!!

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