Who did what over the weekend?

Yes its Monday and we are super excited that it's a short work week with Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday.

Every Monday Jess and I bring a list of the things we did over the weekend and we each pick 3 things off of our lists and read them to you on the air. After we read them we take a random caller to try and guess which one of us did what.

If you missed our three things here they are:

Person one

1. Witnessed someone shoplifting at CVS
2. Did a little dancing
3. Watched the movie Home Alone

Peron two

1. Went to a wake (R.I.P. Danny!!)
2. Watched Cinderella
3. Went out to eat at Crew in Poughkeepsie

So who do you think did what? Find out....

Thank you for watching and make sure you wake up with me and Jess all week long for your chance to win 4 packs of Foam and Wash car washes with the early morning brain stimulator. We ask the all important question around 6:10 a.m. every weekday morning. Good luck!!!

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