Who did what over the weekend?

It wasn't a normal Monday morning today on the CJ in the morning show as we talked about the horrible events that took place overnight in Las Vegas. Just tragic! We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to all that have been affected.

In an effort to lighten the mood a little this morning, Jess and I gave you our list of "Three Things" from the weekend. Can you figure out who did what this weekend?

If you missed our "things", here they are:

Person one

1. Sat around a fire pit.
2. Saw some art.
3. Went to brunch at Roundhouse.

Person two

1. Got a huge food basket from Adams.
2. Cleaned house like never before.
3. Signed up to coach basketball.

Who did what?....

Thank you for watching and make sure you are listening tomorrow morning around 7 a.m. for our in studio talk with Hilarie Burton. It's gonna be awesome!

Have a great week.

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