You might not know it but if you're from the Hudson Valley there's a good chance you have an accent. In fact, you might even speak your own language.

I always thought that I spoke two languages: English and bad English. I don't speak Hudson Valley English either.

Did you know that the Hudson Valley region has its very own language? You might not pick up on it if you've lived here your entire life but after being here for 5 years it's something that I've noticed.

Here are just a few things that I've heard that only make sense if you live around here.

1. "I learned that in the CIA."

This a common thing to hear when speaking to local chefs who went to the Culinary Institute of America. If you went anywhere outside the Hudson Valley and bragged about moves you learned in the CIA people would definitely be terrified.

2. "Every morning I order a B, E, C, S P, K."

It's another abbreviation and this one took me a while. I heard it all the time and was too intimidated to ask what it was. My first landlord owned a deli and he finally explained it to me. People are on the go and abbreviations save time? Bacon, egg, cheese, salt, pepper and ketchup doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

3. "I was standing on line to order."

The Hudson Valley may be the only place in the world where this is appropriate and it drives me crazy. If several people are waiting for something then a line has been formed that you stand in. If someone laid out a line of tape and then you stood on that tape you would then be standing online. If you ask if someone if they're online anywhere else in the world they will think you mean the internet. Trust me.

Are there any more Hudson Valleyisms that you know of?

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