If you didn't get one, you're only one of a few...LOL!

It seems that every year there is that one gift that just about everyone you know gets one. In years past those gifts included Fitbits, Tickle me Elmo's, all kinds of video game consoles, jerky makers, waffle irons, Keurig coffee pots, you get the idea, right?

If you can't think of one one, go look in the basement or in the attic at your house and you'll probably come across one of the "must have" gifts from years past...LOL! 2020 was no different than years before with that one gift. Drumroll please.......the biggest gift in 2020 was....


Yes the air fryer! Did you get one? I didn't get one for myself, but I did buy one to give as a gift this year and when I gave it, they freaked out like I gave them a million dollars! I've spoken to a bunch of people the last few days and almost everyone I talked to has gotten one as a gift and cant stop raving about it.

If you got one for the holiday's have you used it yet? Does it really make a big difference in the food your cooking? What have you made in it?

Jess got one as a gift from her family this year and it's all she's been talking about since we came back from holiday break. Every morning she tells me about what mystery thing she shoved into it the night before and how good it was. LOL! She's done chicken, pork chops and more, BUT I think she needs to try out some things that most of us won't normally shove into the air fryer. Things like Twinkies, maybe pickles, stuff like that....what should Jess cook up in her air fryer? Call or text us through the Wolf app and keep listening for her air fryer adventures.

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