I always get a little down during a holiday when I remember how fun the holiday was when I  was a kid. Don't get me wrong some holidays it's better to be an adult. St. Patrick's day for example or even New Year's Eve, both are holidays that as an adult I am always up for some grown up fun. Even the holidays the are more for kids can be fun as an adult, but as the years go on I reminisce about the fun I had as a kid and would love the chance to go back for some of the kid fun.

I can imagine another Halloween dressed in an ill-fitted costume roaming the neighborhood with my friends trick or treating. The craving of pumpkins that seem so much bigger than the ones we carve today and of course my dad telling the latest 1970's ghost story that always involved a car and a hook. Christmas of course would be the same because I still believe in Santa Claus and for some reason when the tree goes up I am instantly five years old again, so that's not so bad, but Easter always comes up a bit short.

Easter is the one holiday that hasn't transferred well for me from child to adult. A lot of the things I did on Easter in my childhood can't be recreated. Easter Baskets are no longer made of the same wire wrapped plastic, peeps now come in too many flavors, the plastic grass in the basket has surely been outlawed for some chemical content and jelly bean are to gourmet. The other thing that can't be duplicated is my Grandpa driving all of us to Easter Sunday church in his Chrysler Imperial with my sister and I's in our matching Easter outfits fighting over who got to sit next to the electric window.  It was a simpler time.

So this Sunday I will hope to play golf (a new grow-up Easter tradition), I will sit next to the electric window in my husband's Subaru and I will contemplate how lucky I am that I grew up with so many great holiday memories. Here's to many deviled eggs post Easter egg hunt,

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