Haunted houses are all the rage this time of year.  Haunted corn mazes, fields, walks, etc are the thing to do for date nights or with friends.

I'm not sure what your thoughts or views on ghosts, haunted things in real life and spirits but whatever the case, you need some strong will for this.

If you are feeling up to it, feel brave enough and could use an extra $20,000 then grab some clothes, fill up your tank, get some friends and head to Nashville, TN.

McKamey Manor which also has a location in Huntsville, AL is your next destination.

I'm going out on a limb here but it's the scariest haunted house around, period.

If you can survive McKamey Manor for 10 hours, they will pay you $20,000.   There is however a catch.

  • They make you sign a 40 page waiver.  Yes, 40 pages.
  • You must be 21 or older unless you have a parents approval (for 18 to 21)
  • You must get a "sports physical" and a note from your doctor stating that you are both physically and mentally cleared.  *This one alone is enough for me
  • You must pass some kind of screening via Face time or phone
  • Passing a background check is also a must
  • Medical Insurance is a requirement and you must have proof
  • Must pass a drug test the day of the tour.

There are rules in place too.  You can't curse, at all.  I'd be out after 5 minutes with that one.  You must make it thru the whole 10 hour tour without running, at all.  Again, I'd lose on that one.

Can YOU make $20,000?

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