Tuesday night (March 27) marked the final installment of the Battle Rounds on The Voice, in which pairs of contestants from each team are put together to sing a song together and see which one pulls through the best. It's also the round in which each coach (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson) enlists a celebrity mentor to help prep their teams for battle.

This particular final night had an odd ring to it, due to the fact that a contestant from Clarkson's team, four-chair-turner Hannah Goebel, voluntarily dropped out for "personal reasons"—which weren't elaborated upon by host Carson Daly, nor by Goebel herself (at least not on social media). This unique situation has never exactly happened before on the show, so her planned opponent (Alexa Cappelli) performed alone and moved on by default.

Okay, weird. Also a bit weird was the rush of montaged performances, which included two of Shelton's standouts, Austin Giorgio vs. Brett Hunter. We got to see just a flash of their take on the '70s tune-cum-2007-Michael-Buble-hit "Me and Mrs. Jones." Giorgio won that battle.

Shelton did have a full battle, however, in the shape of Dallas Caroline vs. Spensha Baker, who took on Maren Morris' “I Could Use a Love Song." Shelton admitted that this isn't the easiest song to tackle, but both women threw their personality and soul into the soaring chorus. It was a difficult choice, with all four coaches seeming somewhat torn. (As Shelton himself said, "I'm screwed."). Shelton ended up going with Baker, however, saying she could "blow the minds of Nashville and turn the music industry on its ear."

All was not lost, however, as Keys decided to use her remaining steal on Caroline...before the gal even had a chance to thank Shelton! There's some good maneuvers right there.

On to the Knockouts. We'll be keeping an eye on Season 14's doings every Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to check in each week.

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