Super Bowl 49 is slotted to last up to four hours, but check this out: You're only going to see about 17 minutes of actual game time.

According to Penn Live and The Media Education Foundation, they looked at last year's game, which took three hours and 23 minutes between kickoff and the end of the fourth quarter. Here's the breakdown . . .

1. 72 Minutes: Footage of the field where the ball is NOT in play. Like players huddling, standing at the line of scrimmage, or just milling around between snaps.

2. 48 Minutes and 34 Seconds: Commercial breaks and on-screen promotions.

3. 23 Minutes and 46 Seconds: Replays.

4. 17 Minutes and 30 Seconds: The actual, live game, with the ball in play. Amazingly, that accounts for just 8.5% of the broadcast.

5. 16 Minutes and 37 Seconds: "Miscellaneous" stuff, including shots of the crowd, cheerleaders, and the sidelines.

6. 12 Minutes and 28 Seconds: The halftime show.

7. 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds: Promotion for Fox TV shows, since Fox was hosting last year's game.

8. 4 Minutes and 52 Seconds: The halftime report.