It happened today: Burger King added Hot Dogs to the menu. Maybe you had a chance to sample one. If not check out the NBC News video below where one of their reporters does a taste test on two different types of Burger King dogs and compares them to the Whopper.

I think I will stick to my two local hot dog haunts, Dallas Hot Wieners and Kosiner Brothers. Both of these great local dogs houses have been a favorite of mine for a long time. Before Kosiner Brothers opened at Water Street Market in New Paltz, I always fed my hot dog craving at Dallas Hot Wieners. Dallas has the best chili dog and even though I am a mustard and sauerkraut girl at heart I can always get talked into a chili dog or two at DHW. Dallas Hot Wieners in Saugerties was the first place my husband and I ever shared a chili dog together.

In recent years, the hot dog food craze has taken off and that has led to some very interesting signature dogs. My local favorite in New Paltz, Kosiner Brothers has a great variety of dogs. Hubby usually goes in for the sausage of the day, but I like a regular old beef Sabrett with a twist. I add peanut sauce, dice cucumber and broccoli slaw. Bet you can't get those toppings at Burger King.

So head on in and try this new food item on the Burger King menu, then be sure to stop by Dallas Hot Wieners and Kosiner Brothers for an even better dog, I guarantee it.

NBC News does a taste test of Burger King Hot Dogs

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