I mentioned last week that I'm not at all into the Bachelor until I saw last weeks episode and Hanna B came back and was invited to come into the house and see how the relationship progressed.

*Spoiler alert*

She chose to not stay and eventually went on to win Dancing with the Stars.  It's pre-taped so that part was early last year, right before DWTS.

Well, a new twist as always has come to the show.  This time it's involving Victoria and country star Chase Rice.

Chase is following her on Instagram and since she is from Nashville, it really didn't seem odd at first but more and more is coming out that she and Chase used to be more than just friends.

We may never know exactly how much more than friends but I'm sure at some point it'll come out in the show.

Was this done to boost both of their careers?  Just Chase's?  Just hers?  We may never know but anytime country is involved, I'm interested.


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