Apple season has arrived and isn't it delicious. This is my monthly blog dedicated to the fresh fruits and veggies available at your local New York Farmers market but let's face it this month's star is the Apple. Yes, you can get brussels sprouts, beets cauliflower and peas but it is the fall fresh apples that we have all been waiting for patiently.

September in New York kicks off the local apple season. You can head out to your favorite orchard and pick them fresh or just stop into your favorite local market and grab a bushel. I have actually become a real big apple fan as I have gotten older. I attribute that to the fact that they didn't have as many varieties when I was younger. So whether you eat them straight from the tree, baked in a pie or covered in caramel Enjoy your fresh orchard apple this month.

Check out this cool recipe for Caramel Apples and Caramel Apple Machos

Paty Quyn's top five favorite apples

5 - Red Delicious - perfect for eating with a sprinkle of salt

4 - Granny Smith - perfect for baking on top of a pork chop

3 - Fuji - holds up well in an Appletini

2 - Sonya - actually an import from New Zealand and you have to get them in July

1 - Honey Crisp - the one that actually tastes like a crisp autumn afternoon

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