I have never been to Texas and now it is on the vacation list A.S.A.P. Thanks to CBS I have a new reason to bump it forward on the list. Why, because there are cowboys, art, and wine. Yes it is official, Texas is the 5th largest state for wine production and it is good stuff. My Vodka is Texan, Titos, so now it is time to do the same with my wine. I can't wait to try my first bottle of McPherson.

I have always want to go to Texas. When I graduated from college I was ready to move to Houston to get a job but life happened. Then in the late 80's they were selling off Texas land left and right and I almost bought a 40 acre plot for $3000 but I was talked out of the property by a Non-Texan.I might have been in the heart of Texas wine country.

So now I must get to Texas to enjoy some bull riding, a big steak and a great glass of wine. If you are a doubter about Texas wine your not alone. One of the most established wineries in Texas actually built there winery out of cinder block in case the haters shot at it. And I guess they did but now it is a happen Texas winery with the Hipsters and Millennials.



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