Tenille Arts has a close relationship with her mom -- so much so, in fact, that her newest album, Love, Heartbreak and Everything In Between contains a touching tribute to her mother called "Call You Names." With that in mind, it's only fitting that the singer's mom was in town for a major milestone in her country music career: Hearing herself played on the radio for the first time.

Read on as Arts recalls the first time she ever heard her song on country radio, and why having her mom there made it even more special.

I was on the radio a little bit in [my home country of] Canada before signing to a U.S. record label, but my very first time hearing myself on the radio in Nashville, my mom was actually visiting. We knew it was gonna air at a certain time in the morning.

It was a song called "Cold Feet," from my independent album that I released. So we knew what time it was coming on, but I couldn't get it to come up on my computer to listen to the radio, so my mom and I ran out to my car [and I was] in my pajamas. We sat in my car and listened to my song on the radio for the first time. I remember my mom was crying, and it was such a special moment to get to share with her, because she was actually in town visiting me when all of that happened. It was great.

I still get very, very excited [when I hear my song on the radio these days.] And I usually send a snapchat out to people. It's always a celebration.

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