This Hudson Valley couple needs some advice from you.

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do our best to get therapeutic with what we call "We Gotcha Wednesday". It's a trip to your therapists office without the copay. LOL.

We both get a bunch of emails every week from people just like you that are looking for advice with an issue in their life. Some of the issues are more serious than others and this week we focus in on being married and finally out of debt.

Here is this weeks email:

"Like a lot of young couples, my wife and I were buried in debt between student loans, credit card bills, and car payments. We got married a few years ago and decided to take up side jobs and save that money and put it towards our loans. Well, we just finally paid off our final bill. It is an incredible feeling. If your in debt I hope u guys can experience it one day.

We thought we should celebrate by treating ourselves to something we’ve wanted for a long time. But now we can’t decide. I thought we could treat ourselves with a trip to Europe. We never took a honeymoon, so I thought that would be nice. My wife thinks we should save money and put it towards a house. She wants us to have kids in the next few years and she thinks a house would be better to raise kids in then an apartment. I think if we don’t take this trip now we never will. It’s been pretty heated in our home trying to figure out what to do.

Do we splurge on a trip or start saving money?"

What would you tell this couple to do? Jess said that maybe plan a less expensive trip and still save for the house. Me? I say take the trip, go all out because once you have kids you most likely won't be able to do it until way later in life.

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