Help! I’m Seeking Superman Ice Cream in the Hudson Valley
Now that I live in New York, I can't seem to find Superman ice cream anywhere. I'm having a hard time even describing it to people. It's red, blue and yellow goodness. I don't know what the flavors are. Again, it's just red, blue an yellow. That's all I know.
Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Summer.
Beaches, BBQ's...and BUGS. That's what makes up summer am I right? I really do love summer. I like being outside, I love the warmth, getting a tan, hanging out in the pool.. all of that. But bugs are ruining my relationship with summer. It's not even that I'm afraid of them...
Simply climb 264 steps, climb into some inflatable rafty thingy, and then be prepared to drop 17 stories! The name of this slide is called Verruckt, which in German means insane. How tall is 17 stories? It is taller than Niagra Falls and the Statue of Liberty...