A few weeks back when we had one of our first nice weekends of the Spring, many of our local towns that are popular with tourist notice people were visiting with out masks. New Paltz is a place that many people visit year round. It's outdoor trails are perfect for walking off some of your stuck inside stress. However, the Village was concerned by the amount of people who weren't wearing masks as they walked through town.

Since that weekend, according to a Facebook post by New Paltz Emergency Preparedness from yesterday (May 3rd) New Paltz has received 3,000 washable, reusable cloth masks thanks to the federal government. They were received at the county level who then made them available to the community. The post from yesterday also mentions that everyone from Police officers, to the Village Mayor have been handing out masks to folks who need them or who aren't wearing one.

I was out myself this weekend and still saw people who aren't wearing a mask when they approach folks. More astonishing were the people who were ignoring the rule in the grocery store. I was however very pleased that when I stopped in to my local Lowes everyone had gotten the message to wear a mask. It is just something you have to do. I agree it is weird but it is important. If you live in New Paltz and need a mask here are the 3 location you can pick on up that were shared via Facebook. Even if you don't need one now maybe pick one up so you have it if you forget to put one in the car.
* Family of New Paltz 10am to 5pm Mon thru Fri (51 N Chestnut St)
* New Paltz Police Station at any time (83 South Putt Corners Road)
* Food Not Bombs, across from Wells Fargo (29 Main), Weds 5:30pm-6:00pm


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