Hudson Valley Starbucks customers are scrambling to find their favorite drinks thanks to a regional shortage of favorite ingredients.

Starbucks is pulling many of its most popular items due to a lack of ingredients at some Hudson Valley stores. The shortage is being blamed on COVID-19 production issues and is affecting stores all over the country.

This weekend Hudson Valley Starbucks stores had limited amounts of hazelnut syrup, caramel and other ingredients used to create many of the chain's signature caffeine concoctions. This comes after an oat milk shortage that hit local stores last month, causing many customers to complain.

A Starbucks employee tells us that the shortages are sporadic and can pop up at different stores depending on the day. The lack of inventory has not only affected ingredients but other supplies as well. One location in Dutchess County was happy to announce that they once again have the little green plug sticks to seal up lids on to-go orders but were currently out of cardboard sleeves.


The good news is that if your favorite drink isn't available for order on the Starbucks app due to shortage issues, local employees say that they still may be able to get it for you. The app will block orders for any low in-stock items, saying that they're "sold out," but that's not always the case. This weekend a Dutchess County location would not let customers buy hazelnut drinks on the app, but walk-in customers were still able to get them.  Another tip to finding your favorite drinks is to just try another nearby location. Most out-of-stock items seem to be limited to individual Hudson Valley stores.

Have you had a hard time tracking down your favorite Starbucks drink in the Hudson Valley? Let us know your experience in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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