Here we go again. Local area supermarkets have put a limit on certain items like toilet paper, but why is this happening this time?

It's Deja vu all over again. Remember in March of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic started to really spread throughout the area? You would be hard pressed to find certain household items like hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, and yes, even toilet paper.

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Well looks like those days are back again, but the difference this time around is not hoarding or virus related. Yes there is concern over the Delta Variant, but this shortage is due to a limited supply of items due to shipping delays caused by a shortage of truck drivers, higher labor costs, and a massive backlog of ships being delayed coming into port because of COVID protocols. All this has caused stores to run low on items and has also begun to strain stores product availability nationwide.

According to, the supply chain issue has put limits on items like bottled water, ground coffee, diapers, mattresses, cleaning supplies, and yes, toilet paper. The lack of product has affected small mom and pop shops as well as giant retailers like Costco. All stores are just not getting the merchandise in a timely manner, therefore they are limiting the amount of each product that you can purchase.

The shortage is not just limited to supermarkets. Smaller convenience store and even restaurants are feeling the crunch, and many merchants who put orders in for these items are just not receiving them at all.

Right now, most retailers are putting in orders early, hoping to get back to full stock by the time the holiday season rolls around, but there is one thing that is certain. No matter what the item is, you're definitely going to be paying more for it.

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