This could be the strangest way to meet a potential mate. Will this strange singles party theme make its way to the Hudson Valley?

If you're tired of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble you may want to try a different route. There's a new way to find the love of your life and it might kind of stink.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, pheromone parties are becoming more and more trendy in the world of finding a potential match. These new parties are far less random than 'key parties'. Pheromone parties consist of grown adults exchanging their shirts or dirty garments with each other before meeting and then hooking up with whoever smells the most attractive.

Pheromones are like hormones except that work outside of the body and can help induce sexual arousal.

You've got admit that this whole concept is far less shallow than a lot of the dating apps out there. We love you, science.

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