Hey Greater Danbury, mark your calenders for Sunday August 29 and help support a great cause.

That's the date for the Sgt. Scoular's 5K Awareness Run and Recovery Festival taking place in New Milford.

The event, which is being planned out by U.S. Marine Sargeant Zachary Scoular and Brian Cody’s Brothers & Sisters Foundation.

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The opioid epidemic has reached crisis level in Connecticut, but one New Milford family is trying to change all that one person at a time.

New Milford resident Tony Morrissey and his wife Tracy lost their son Brian Cody to an opiod overdose, and have since been avid activists and introduced the community to #BrianCodysLaw.

Now they are involved in this major event to not only raise awareness, but bring the community together as well.

The kick off event is happening on Saturday August 28 with a 6 PM screening of the Connecticut-based documentary, ‘Fentanyl Madness,’ at Bank Street Theater followed by a “Question & Answer” session with the documentary’s producer and other experts.    Sunday August 29 events will consist of a full day of family fun, and Celebration! No charge for admission and every child activity is totally FREE. There will be a 5K Run, Magic Shows, Live Music, Art Exhibit, Crafters, & More.

The all day event on Sunday the 29th is scheduled from 6:15 AM until 8 PM, and will be happening on the New Milford Town Green and Young's Field, at 25 Main Street in New Milford.

The 5K Awareness Run is also a free event, and open to all runners, and walkers of all ages, but you will have to register on line at briancodyslaw.org.

The organizers of this event are a network of grieving families that have been impacted by the opioid epidemic, and are determined to support the battle against substance use disorder, and to end this horrible epidemic.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to the latest statistics by the State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, there were 1,369 fatal drug overdoses statewide in 2020, which represents the highest number since deaths caused by opioids started to climb in 2012. Also, another disturbing statistic is that the number of people who have overdosed annually has more than tripled. So far in 2021, there have been 703 fatal overdoses.

Around Greater Danbury, the numbers have increased in all towns where there was at least one overdose. The only town that has seen a decrease in the last year was New Milford.

Check out these two local mom's taking about the daughters they lost in this very moving and informative video.

With your help and support changes can be made, and new laws can be put on the books to help end this epidemic.

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