After being on PBS for 45 years, Sesame Street is moving to another network with only 3 letters, H-B-O. According to PBS, this move will allow the show to not only continue airing but enable them to produce double the content they do currently.

HBO, famous for it's many adult offerings, is making a foray into children's programming with a well-loved and highly respected show. In the deal, the next 5 seasons will be on HBO and re-aired on PBS with a nine month delay, according to the New York Times.


Sesame Street will still air this fall on PBS but with older shows that will be re-edited to make them fresher. According to PBS, less than 10 percent of the funding for the show was provided by PBS. They had been able to make up the difference through license revenues, but that amount has been shrinking with more people turning to streaming and on-demand viewing.


Here's hoping that this is a successful move that will keep a show that has helped millions of children on the air and on line.

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