Though Sam Hunt is sought after by women everywhere, he's actually a sweet, committed husband with only one lady in his sights: his wife.

The artist opened up to Hits Daily Double about his relationship with his wife Hannah Lee Fowler, explaining that even though they are married now, the excitement and romance hasn’t decreased. In fact, he says it actually fuels the relationship.

Hunt admits his wife wouldn’t describe him as romantic in the typical sense, but he’s got unique-to-him ways of showing her love. “In terms of interacting and engaging, how I listen and try to communicate… I love making her feel wanted and sexy and safe, all those things. I’m romantic like that,” he explains.

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Being committed to one another for the long haul actually increases the romance in a special way, Hunt insists. “There are steps to a committed relationship that you can never reach without it," he says. "That’s a lot of it. The general nature of how the male perspective relates to the female perspective, that reflects me, and how I interact with her. The longer I’m in this, the deeper it can go.”

Hunt and Fowler split briefly before they got engaged, which led to honest, heartbroken songs like “Drinkin’ Too Much” in Hunt’s repertoire. His debut album Montevallo is actually named for her hometown, and many of the songs are reportedly about her. Hunt was nothing if not persistent, and after many efforts to win her back (including seven trips to Hawaii within three months), he and Fowler got back together.

Now that they’ve overcome their hardships and they’re married, Hunt has moved to sexier love songs like “Body Like a Backroad,” which hit No. 1 in April (staying for 20 weeks) and has become the most-downloaded country song in 2017.

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