People thought they were getting trolled but it wasn't a joke. These cards went on sale in the Hudson Valley and people are not happy about it.

Most people will usually go to Amazon or Ebay when they want to shop online. You can specifically search for the items you need. Some websites even cater advertisements and products that you may have searched for in the past on their homepage

If you know what you're looking for then online stores may be the place for you. When it comes to local listings on Craigslist or your local Facebook Marketplace, you have no idea what to expect to find on there. You'll find anything from crafts, antiques, clothes and more.

One listing stirred up quite the controversy this week.

A local seller in the Hudson Valley listed 'White Privilege' debit cards on his personal Facebook commerce page as well a few Hudson Valley community yard sale groups.

The listing was shared hundreds of times and received an equal amount of comments. Some defending the seller's rights and even wanting to purchase them. The listing also gathered more than its share of negative comments. Many called for the removal of the listing in several community yard sale groups.

The cards are for sale on several other websites online and many of them have sold out. It's even sold by the Hodge twins who are African American conservative commentators.

They are labeled as a 'gag gift' but with the growing racial tension in our country, many believe that the cards are both in poor taste and racist.

As of today, the listing has reportedly been removed from local groups.

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