You know it's 2020 when an enormous Norway Spruce is being cyberbullied.

This week the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree made its debut and I guess you can say the reaction has been less than enthusiastic. Thousands of people took to Facebook to make hilariously nasty comments on a photo of the tree being hoisted upright by crews on Saturday.

The picture shows the massive tree with what appears to be bare, spindly branches.  More reminiscent of something Charlie Brown would pick out rather than a tree worthy of sitting in Rockefeller Center, people just weren't having it.

Reactions ranged from downright outrage to clever jokes and memes. One person suggested that Rockefeller Center get a refund for their tree. while Tammy Allen believes that the tree was actually selected for its sad appearance.

They picked the ugliest tree so nobody would want to go gather around and see it

Eric Roberts was also less than impressed, wondering "When's the rest of the tree going to show up." Benjamin Geremia was trying to keep things positive and offered Rockefeller Center some solid advice.

Just turn the bad side to the wall and add more lights and tinsel. It's the spirit that really counts.

Many couldn't help but compare the sickly looking tree to the terrible year that 2020 has been. Others wondered if the tree itself was suffering from the pandemic, with one commenter declaring, "It might not be the 2020 tree we want, but it's the 2020 tree we deserve."

Perhaps people have been a little too hard on the tree. In reality, the Norway Spruce was pretty thick and dense before it was tied up for transport. Over the past few weeks, each branch was carefully wrapped up to protect it for the long journey from Oneonta to Manhattan. The photo was taken just after the tree was untied. Some more images, taken just minutes later, show the branches already coming to life.

2020 Christmas Tree Delivered To Rockefeller Center For Holiday Season
Getty Images

Anyone who's ever purchased a live tree and had it bailed and thrown on the top of their car should be familiar with the process of letting a Christmas tree "relax" its branches before being ready to decorate.  Video taken on Sunday evening shows just how full the tree has become after recovering from being wrapped up.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is currently being decorated with over 35,000 LED lights in anticipation of its unveiling on Wednesday, December 2.  Although large crowds will not be invited to watch its unveiling, the tree lighting will be televised on NBC starting at 7 p.m.

The Hudson Valley's Rockefeller Christmas Trees


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