Runaway June transform from glamorous country stars into fearless outlaws in the video for their latest single, "Wild West."

The trio take to the wide open landscapes of the west coast, turning into heroic outlaws when a team of bandits rob the town bank. Dressed in classic western garb of rodeo chaps, fringe vests and -- of course -- cowboy hats, the fearless ladies take on a group of thieves, who shoot the video's leading man while stealing the loot. Guns slinging, the singers take down the criminals in a shoot-out.

All the action takes place in between shots of the gorgeous western countryside, with the trio singing the track with guitars strapped on their backs, crooning "And love me like the wild, wild, wild, west / Ride me off in the sunset / Outlaws makin' a run for it / Well come on, boy, be my cowboy," over a setting sun off in the distance of a vast green field.

"Wild West" is Runaway June's second single, acting as the follow-up to their breakthrough debut "Lipstick." The group continues to serve as an opening act with Midland on the 2017 CMT on Tour, headlined by Jon Pardi, through December.

They were also named as a part of Taste of Country's 2017 RISERS class. “We were all kind of doing our own things, and I think when we all came together we kind of realized that each one of us had something that the other may have been lacking,” Hannah Mulholland says of their origin story. “I think that was really clear from the beginning.”

Watch Runaway June Sing "Lipstick"

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